Ideas On framing Different Types Of Art

A few words on present-day, conventional picture framing might be in order,
but just a few. Extended discussion of contemporary methods of framing would
be wasted; styles and fashions in frames will undoubtedly change in a
relatively short time.

Therefore, the following are only general indications of how pictures in
various mediums are ordinarily framed at the present time.

Original prints in black and white such as etchings, lithographs, etc.,
are usually matted in white, off-white or cream mats and framed with glass
in very narrow Moldings of natural wood or black. A narrow gold line is
sometimes added to relieve the severity of the black frame.

Original color prints, as distinguished from repro-ductions, such as color
wood-blocks, colored etchings or lithographs and serigraphs are also matted
and then framed in narrow Moldings with glass. More latitude in the use of
color in both mats and frames for this type of picture is becoming increasingly

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